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Is a big city, should the markets in Ho Chi Minh city extremely busy with many types of items. Here international visitors who have applied Vietnam visa on arrival online to entry not only is shopping the unique culture and many regions, but also enjoy many interesting dishes. If Hanoi has Dong Xuan market, then in Ho Chi Minh city, the Ben Thanh market, located in the central District of Ho Chi Minh city. This is a market retail scale with diverse items, from budget to luxury. The fair current was restored in 1985 after many years of experiencing the war and the times burned, occupied. The total area of the bazaar amounted to 13.000m2, including 4 main gates and 12 gates split to all the four directions. Above the South door is also the main door has clock tower with four faces. Market divided in 7 big space in the middle and 6 small sides. Each region specializes in a kind of items selling. Along the corridor of the bazaar are the items mainly to serve tourists, such as souvenirs, clothing, fabrics, brocade... Especially Ben Thanh market was the Magazine Food and Wine selected as one of ten destinations have street food, the most attractive planet.

Not the market is located in the bustling center, but cho Binh Tan, also attract a lot of tourists because of the characteristic of the chinese community in this city. The bazaar District 6 of the city, is a big clue market is built on land with an area of 25.000m2, built according to modern techniques of French, but with Chinese architecture. Ago it has name is market, after the new change of market Binh Tay. Due to the location convenient transportation, it should be after the building has quickly become the market not only in the country but also serve the needs of the purchase of the neighboring countries such as Laos and Cambodia. The large scale of the market, with more than 2,500 stalls business more than 30 groups of various goods are the main attraction for tourists here. Architecture of the bazaar quite picky with architectural styled temple with 2 floors roof tile. Each corner of the roof and the top of the gate-shaped dragon embossed front gate also has mosaic porcelain bas blue, the middle market is well outdoor airy. Besides, there are subjects he Guo Talks and 4 plinth lion hydrated, statue dragon spray water. Perhaps lost in the this bazaar, guests feel the same on a relic temple ancient temple.

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